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LG&E and KU knows that teachers possess the power to enlighten students. We also know that any worthwhile effort requires commitment and resources. That’s why we’re glad to offer you FREE educational booklets and downloadable teacher’s guides and pre/post tests.

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Electric and Natural Gas Safety and You

Item: #35807Grades: K-2

Savvy cats Sniff and Zap guide kids through the fundamentals of electrical and natural gas science and safety, with lessons on hazard recognition, response, and prevention. Includes a simple format and activities such as coloring, decoding, sequencing, and more that are ideal for early learners.

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The Shocking Truth About Electrical & Natural Gas Safety

Item: #38560Grades: 4-6

A thoughtfully designed discovery workbook features experiments and activities that educate on electricity and natural gas, while encouraging practical skill-building, such as making predictions, recording data, and drawing conclusions. Covers hazard recognition, response, and prevention, plus topics like conductivity and grounding.

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Stay Safe Around Electricity and Natural Gas

Item: #37990Grades: 3-6

16 pages of factoids, activities, hidden pictures, and math exercises expound upon the importance of electrical and natural gas safety. Includes topics such as conductivity, under- and above-ground utility equipment, hazard recognition, and the appropriate response to hazards.

12799 37990 LGE SSENG bk gen cmb en cvr 080521 v1

Electrical & Natural Gas Safety World

Item: #38390Grades: 4-6

16 pages of activities, experiments, and true-life stories pique student interest and expound upon the science and safety of electricity and natural gas. Features topics such as atoms and electrons, currents and circuits, renewable forms of energy, natural gas distribution, and much more, along with “What Do You Think?” questions that challenge students to think beyond the page lessons.

12799 38390 LGE ENGSW bk cmb en cvr 080521 v1

My Nat and Gus Natural Gas Activity Book

Item: #38495Grades: K-2

Lovable characters Nat and Gus introduce kids to the basics of natural gas science and safety—how it’s formed, distributed, and used, along with how to recognize and respond to gas leaks. Features activities like coloring, matching, and sequencing that are ideal for early- and non-readers, along with factoids and safety tips.

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