Virginia Standards

Electric and Natural Gas Safety and You
SubjectGrade LevelsBroad Standard ReferenceSpecific Standard CodeSpecific Standard NameSpecific Wording of Standard
Health1Advocacy and Health Promotion1.3.hSafety/Injury PreventionPromote positive behaviors for personal safety . . ..
Health1Advocacy and Health Promotion1.3.iSafety/Injury PreventionPractice fire safety and emergency/disaster procedures.
Health1Essential Health Concepts1.1--The student will identify. . . the importance of safe practices.
Health1Essential Health Concepts1.1.i--Compare and contrast personal safety behaviors at home, at school, and in the community.
Health1Healthy Decisions1.2.hSafety/Injury PreventionExplain why it is important to follow safety rules and guidelines for personal safety.
Health1Healthy Decisions1.2.iSafety/Injury PreventionDescribe how to report a dangerous situation.
Science1Earth Sciences1.8.aEarth ResourcesKey concepts include identification of natural resources.
Health2Healthy Decisions2.2.hSafety/Injury PreventionIdentify ways that students can take responsibility for personal safety at home, at school, and in the community.
HealthKAdvocacy and Health PromotionK.3--The student will describe and demonstrate behaviors that . . . prevent injury.
HealthKAdvocacy and Health PromotionK.3.kSafety/Injury PreventionDescribe common safety rules and practices at home, at school, and in communities.
HealthKAdvocacy and Health PromotionK.3.lSafety/Injury PreventionDescribe why it is important to ask adults for help in an emergency, how to ask for help, and how to call 911.
HealthKEssential Health ConceptsK.1Safety/Injury PreventionThe student will identify and describe key health and safety concepts.
HealthKEssential Health ConceptsK.1.lSafety/Injury PreventionDescribe emergency and nonemergency situations.
HealthKHealthy DecisionsK.2.jSafety/Injury PreventionIdentify people who can help in an emergency and in non-emergency situations.
HealthKHealthy DecisionsK.2.kSafety/Injury PreventionDescribe how safety choices can prevent injuries . . .