Call Before You Dig

Dig Safely

Underground power lines, natural gas pipelines, and other utilities run under streets and sidewalks as well as under yards and homes. Accidentally digging into these lines could disrupt utility service in the neighborhood. Even minor damage to a gas pipeline or its coating (such as a gouge, scrape, or dent) could harm the integrity of the pipeline and cause a future break or leak. And accidentally digging into underground power lines could cause an electrical shock hazard and even result in electrocution.

Your utility locator center, reached by dialing 811, makes sure underground power lines and other utilities are clearly marked so people can dig a safe distance away from them.  Whether you are planning to do it yourself or hire a professional, call 811 several days before digging begins.  Any job requires a call, even planting a tree!

811 call before you dig vertical

How 811 Works

When you call 811, explain to the operator where the digging will occur. 811 will notify all the major utilities that have underground lines near the digging area. Within a few days, a worker from each utility will mark the location of each buried utility line so you can dig a safe distance away.