Natural Gas Safety-SMART

Print this checklist first to track your progress, then let’s go!

Natural Gas Safety-SMART certificate

Natural Gas Science

What Do Fossils and Geologists have to do with it?

It’s sometimes called “gas” for short, but don’t confuse it with the gasoline that runs your car.

The Travels of Natural Gas

Take a Journey Through Gas Pipelines!

Pretend you’re a tiny natural gas molecule…

Gas Pipeline Safety

Recognize and Respond to a Gas Leak.

Even a small leak can cause a fire hazard.

Using Gas Safely

Proper Usage and Emergency Response.

Learn How to Use Gas Safely In Your Home.

Using Gas Efficiently

Save Energy in Your Home.

How is Gas Used?

Tell Me More

FAQs, History, Science, and Careers.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Natural Gas…