Virginia Standards

My Nat and Gus Natural Gas Activity Book
SubjectGrade LevelsBroad Standard ReferenceSpecific Standard CodeSpecific Standard NameSpecific Wording of Standard
Health1Advocacy and Health Promotion1.3.hSafety/Injury PreventionPromote positive behaviors for personal safety . . ..
Health1Advocacy and Health Promotion1.3.iSafety/Injury PreventionPractice fire safety and emergency/disaster procedures.
Health1Essential Health Concepts1.1--The student will identify. . . the importance of safe practices.
Health1Essential Health Concepts1.1.i--Compare and contrast personal safety behaviors at home, at school, and in the community.
Health1Healthy Decisions1.2.hSafety/Injury PreventionExplain why it is important to follow safety rules and guidelines for personal safety.
Health1Healthy Decisions1.2.iSafety/Injury PreventionDescribe how to report a dangerous situation.
Science1Earth Sciences1.6.aInterrelationships in Earth/Space SystemsThe sun is the source of energy and light that warms the land, air, and water.
Science1Earth Sciences1.6Interrelationships in Earth/Space SystemsThe student will investigate and understand the basic relationships between the sun and Earth.
Science1Earth Sciences1.8.aEarth ResourcesKey concepts include identification of natural resources.
Health2Healthy Decisions2.2.hSafety/Injury PreventionIdentify ways that students can take responsibility for personal safety at home, at school, and in the community.
Health3Advocacy and Health Promotion3.3.jSafety/Injury PreventionDiscuss and develop a family safety plan to prevent injuries at home . . .
Health3Essential Health Concepts3.1.jSafety/Injury PreventionExplain safety rules at home . . .
Health3Healthy Decisions3.2.jSafety/Injury PreventionExplain the importance of following safety rules at home . . .
HealthKAdvocacy and Health PromotionK.3--The student will describe and demonstrate behaviors that . . . prevent injury.
HealthKAdvocacy and Health PromotionK.3.kSafety/Injury PreventionDescribe common safety rules and practices at home, at school, and in communities.
HealthKAdvocacy and Health PromotionK.3.lSafety/Injury PreventionDescribe why it is important to ask adults for help in an emergency, how to ask for help, and how to call 911.
HealthKEssential Health ConceptsK.1Safety/Injury PreventionThe student will identify and describe key health and safety concepts.
HealthKEssential Health ConceptsK.1.lSafety/Injury PreventionDescribe emergency and nonemergency situations.
HealthKHealthy DecisionsK.2.jSafety/Injury PreventionIdentify people who can help in an emergency and in non-emergency situations.
HealthKHealthy DecisionsK.2.kSafety/Injury PreventionDescribe how safety choices can prevent injuries . . .
ScienceKEarth SciencesK.10Earth Patterns, Cycles, and ChangeThe student will . . . understand that change occurs over time and rates may be fast or slow.
ScienceKEarth SciencesK.10.aEarth Patterns, Cycles, and ChangeNatural and human-made things may change over time.
ScienceKEarth SciencesK.11Earth Patterns, Cycles, and ChangeThe student will investigate and understand that materials can be reused, recycled, and conserved.
ScienceKEarth SciencesK.11.cEarth Patterns, Cycles, and ChangeWater and energy conservation at home and in school helps ensure resources are available for future use.