Call Before You Dig

Call 811 Before You Dig

Dig Safely

Underground utilities such as electric power lines, natural gas pipelines, water and sewer lines, and communications cables run under streets and sidewalks as well as through yards and under homes.  Accidentally digging into an underground utility can potentially cause serious personal injuries, cause harm to the environment, disrupt service to an entire neighborhood and/or lead to costly fines and repair costs.

Prior to excavation, demolition or digging, a free contact to 811, reached by dialing 811 or online at, will start the notification process of locating and marking underground utility lines.  Whether you are planning to do it yourself or hire a professional, contact 811 several days before digging begins.  Any job requires a call, even planting a tree!  It’s the law!

How 811 Works

When you contact 811, explain to the operator on the phone or entering information online where the digging will occur.  811 will notify member utilities that have underground lines near the digging area.  The operator will inform the caller what member companies are being notified. Please note, non-member companies, however, will have to be notified by the caller.  Within a few days, each notified utility member will dispatch a line locator to the proposed site of excavation, to specifically mark their underground line(s) with color-coded marks, stakes or flags so you can dig a safe distance away.  The marks/flags depict the approximate location of buried utilities.  Kentucky state law requires you to observe a safe tolerance zone by digging 18” outside of the painted marks/flags.