Fire Safety FAQ

Have you ever wondered what you should do about your pets in case of a fire? Or what to say if you have to call 911? Now you can find the answers to these and other fire-related questions.

We post new questions and answers regularly, so check back!

Get everyone out and stay low as you go. Use the safest and most accessible exit and make sure you close all doors as you leave. If you’re using an interior stairway, alert people on your floor by knocking on their doors on your way out. DO NOT USE THE ELEVATOR. Call 911 once you reach a safe location.
Wait for an answer. Give your name and address. Say where the fire or emergency is. Then stay on the line and wait for instructions.
The chirping or beeping sound indicates a low battery or other problem with the smoke alarm that might keep it from sounding the full alarm if there is smoke or a fire. Tell an adult to check and replace the batteries in the smoke alarm. Never dismantle the smoke alarm or leave it without a battery. You need working smoke alarms so you’ll be alerted if there’s a fire in your home.
Never! Only adults should use fire extinguishers to try to put out a fire. If you see a fire, get outside immediately, close the door behind you, tell any adults that are nearby, and call 911 from a safe location.
NYC ladders cannot go that high, so firefighters would rescue you from inside the building. By law, all New York City buildings that are 10 floors or higher must be fireproof so the fire does not spread inside the building. If there is a fire in your home and you are in a room and the door or knob is hot, put towels along the bottom of the door to seal out the smoke, and open an outside window to breathe. If your building has less than 10 floors and the door knob to the room where you are is hot, use the fire escape to leave the building.
No. You only stop, drop, and roll if your clothing and/or hair are on fire. If you are in a building that is burning and your clothes or hair are not on fire, you should crawl low to the ground to get under smoke and get outside.

No. Firefighters can also help people if they are sick or injured.

Firefighters wear lots of gear when they fight fires. Sometimes their bulky clothes and breathing masks can make them look scary. They also might carry tools like hoses, axes, or hooks. All this equipment is used to keep you safe or rescue you, and to put out the fire. Never hide from firefighters. Call out and let them know where you are so they can help you.

First, make sure you get outside safely. Then, when firefighters arrive, let them know if any pets are still in the building, and let the firefighters do the rescuing.