Episode 5: Fallen Power Lines

[ Music ] [ A large title appears: “Fallen Power Lines”. A smaller title appears under it: “What if a power line…falls on my car?” ]

>> I want to know…

>> what to do…

>> if a power line…

>> falls down on my car.

[ Four kids stand around a colorful model of a town. They adjust the position of the figures, buildings, and power lines. ]

>> Ooh, probably not the best idea since that’s where I put the lake.

>> So?

[ A model sailboat sits close to an overhead power line. A universal NO symbol flashes over it. ]

>> So, what if my sailboat mast hits the power line?

>> Oh. I didn’t even think about that.

>> I wonder what that would do to a boat.

>> It’d be probably be toast.

>> Okay. So, a question for you, any of you: What do you do if your car hits a power pole?

[A boy pushes a model car into a model power pole. Close-up of the car sitting in a puddle of water with a broken power line across the windshield. ]

>> What did you just do?

[ As if by magic, the four kids are now sitting inside a real car with a power line draped across the windshield. ]

>> Nothing! I didn’t do anything! I don’t know why we’re in the movie.

>> Great! Now what?

>> Well, the good news is we’re safe as long as we stay in the car.

>> Oh, great! Stuck in the car is what you mean! We got to, we got to call somebody.

[ Lucy checks her cell phone and grimaces. ]

>> Oh no! I don’t have a signal here! How’s that for bad luck? What other bright ideas do you have?

>> Uh, we have a problem.

[ The kids see smoke rising from the hood of the car. A message appears: “FIRE!” ]

>> Oh great! Now what?

>> [Narrator:] If a power line falls on your car, you should stay in the car until utility workers tell you to get out. You’re safe in the car because your body is not creating a path for electricity. If people come near to help you, warn them away. Anyone who touches the car or the power line could be killed. You should only leave because of fire or other danger. Now that their car is on fire, what should these actors do next? Let’s see what they came up with at rehearsal earlier that day.

[ The four kids are back in the studio, rehearsing the car scene while sitting in chairs. ]

>> I have an idea! Okay. Remember in elementary school when we got that booklet on how to get out of a car with a power line on it?

>> Good idea, Jordan. Okay. So, we can’t touch any part of the car and the ground at the same time, but as long as we jump out as far from the car as we can, we’ll be fine.

[ A message appears: “Jump far away from the car and the power line!” ]

>> Wow! No pressure or anything, it’s just my life on the line at this very moment.

>> You’ll be fine, just jump. Let’s go!

[ The kids are back in the actual car with the power line on it. ]

>> Oh, wait! Lucy, land with your feet together and shuffle a long ways from the car.

>> Why?

>> I’ll show you. Mackenzie?

[ Mackenzie snaps and the model car with the power line on it appears. ]

>> When a power line falls, electricity fans out through the ground.

[ Concentric circles radiate out from the model car along the ground. ]

>> If your feet are together, your legs can’t form a circuit for electricity to travel through, so you won’t get shocked.

>> Here I go!

[ A message appears: “Don’t touch car and ground at the same time.” The four kids jump out of the car without touching the car and the ground at the same time. They land with their feet together and take small, shuffling steps to move away from the car. ]

>> Yes!

[ The kids give each other “high fives.” An emergency medical technician appears. ]

>> Are you guys okay?

>> Totally! It was a piece of cake! No problemo! All good! [ Sigh ] I need a nap now.

[ Laughing ]

>> So now we know…

>> that if a power line falls on your car…

>> you should stay in the car.

>> But in case of fire, you should jump clear without touching the car and the ground at the same time. If you see a fallen power line anywhere…

>> stay far away from the line…

>> and call 911.

>> Let utility workers handle the downed wires.

[ Music ] [ Culver logo and “copyright 2009 Culver Media, LLC” appear, followed by credits.]