Episode 4: Indoor Electrical Safety

[ Music ] [ A large title appears: “Indoor Electrical Safety”. A smaller title appears under it: “Why can’t I put a fork…in the toaster?” ]

>> I want to know how safe…

>> my house…

>> really is.

>> Yeah, me too, though, I think my house is pretty safe.

>> I think you’d be surprised. Let’s go!

[ Robbie runs in with a DVD. ]

>> Okay, here’s the footage. Check this out!

[ Mackenzie, Lucy and Jordan follow him. They all gather around a monitor to watch it. ]

>> Cool! Oh my gosh! Yay, I can’t wait to see it!

>> Is that that one part on there?

>> Yeah, I hope so.

>> Is this it?

>> Here it is.

[ A view of a kitchen appears as if seen through a hand-held movie camera. Red danger logos flash on multiple hazards in the room. ]

>> Uh, Robbie, I’m not going in there. Look how many dangerous things are in there. I thought our movie was about electrical safety.

[ A plugged-in cell phone sits by a wet sink. A message appears: “Water + electricity = DANGER!” ]

>> Don’t worry, Mackenzie, there’s absolutely no electricity on the set.

[ A plugged-in radio sits on the sink near a puddle of water. A message appears: “Corded radio by sink = DANGER!” ]

>> We want to show the simple but very dangerous things that we’ve all either done or seen without thinking they could really hurt or even kill someone.

>> I do know that I found our first hazard.

[ A plugged-in toaster has a bagel stuck in it. A metal fork sticks out of the bagel. A message appears: “Metal fork in plugged-in toaster = DANGER!” ]

>> Using a metal object in a toaster without unplugging it first is so super dangerous.

[ A hand grasps the fork to get the bagel out. Yellow arrows indicating electrical current flow up from the toaster, through the fork, and into the hand. A universal NO symbol flashes. ]

>> The fork can conduct electricity and you could be hurt or even killed.

>> It’s so careless, and yet I’ve done it. I know I’ve done it at least once; maybe twice.

>> You’d be surprised how easy it is to overlook this stuff. A lot of people mix electricity and water and don’t even get how dangerous it is.

>> Ooh, [ Chuckle ] here’s Lucy’s bathroom!

>> Um, what do you mean Lucy’s bathroom?

>> Uh, yeah, we found some stuff in your house too.

[ A plugged-in hair dryer perches on the edge of a bathtub full of water, and a plugged-in curling iron sits on the edge of a sink with running water. A message appears: “Electrical items by water = DANGER!” ]

>> There’s an electrocution waiting to happen!

>> Oh, wow! Sheesh! Water, water, water. Hmm. Who knew?

>> Oh, I got one! Look at that! How did that get there?

[ A power cord from a lamp runs under a rug. A message appears: “Cord under rug = DANGER!” ]

>> Wait, why is that a hazard?

>> Oh, because the cord can get damaged after getting walked on enough so it becomes a fire hazard.

[ An electrical outlet has multiple power strips and power cords plugged into it. A message appears: “Overloaded outlet = DANGER!” ]

>> I’d say you hit the jackpot with that. That is definitely overloaded!

>> So now what do we do?

>> Watch.

[ Fast tempo background music ] [ A girl unplugs the toaster and then removes a bagel from it. A message appears: “Unplug the toaster first!” ] [ A boy unplugs the radio and moves it away from the sink. A message appears: “Move radio away from sink!” ] [ A girl turns off the curling iron, then unplugs it. A message appears: “Keep electrical items away from water!” ]

>> Wow, that looks really good!

[ Fast tempo background music ] [ Two boys fold up a corner of the rug and remove the lamp cord that is under it. A message appears: “Remove cords from under rugs!” One of the boys reroutes the cord so it runs behind a couch instead. The boys put the corner of the rug back down. ] [ A girl’s hands unplug a power strip from an overloaded wall outlet and relocate it to a different outlet. A message appears: “Move power strip to another outlet!” ]

>> Good work, Robbie. That’s going to be a really good episode I think.

>> Thanks. I think so too.

>> So now we’ve learned how easy it is to overlook simple things that can be really dangerous. >> Don’t leave your appliances like a curling iron on.

>> Or use them near water.

>> And don’t stick a fork in the toaster. I mean talk about being toast. That’s one way to get there.

[ Music ] [ Culver logo and “copyright 2009 Culver Media, LLC” appear, followed by credits. ]