Episode 3: Outdoor Electrical Safety

[ Music ] [ A large title appears: “Outdoor Electrical Safety”. A smaller title appears under it: “What’s up with kites…near power lines?”]

>> With all the electrical lines around…

>> I want to know…

>> how can I…

>> be safe outside?

[ Four kids stand around a colorful model of a town. They adjust the positions of the figures, trees, and buildings. ]

>> [ Sigh ] What are we doing?

>> We’re finishing the park set…

>> for the next scene in our movie.

>> But we’re not even close to finishing. It’s not safe yet.

>> What do you mean?

>> What are you doing?

>> Trying to fix a few things that that Lucy messed up.

>> What do you mean I messed up? I didn’t mess up anything.

>> Yes, you did. You put a kid flying a kite near the power line.

>> No, I didn’t.

>> Actually, that was me. I didn’t think it was a big deal. Kites aren’t conductors, are they? >> Actually, power lines have such high voltage that they can use almost anything as a conductor. If that kite gets tangled in the line and you’re holding the string, you’re toast…literally. The electricity will use the kite, the string, and you as its path to the ground.

>> Well, luckily our actors know what they’re doing.

[ Mackenzie snaps her fingers and a video screen with actors on it magically appears. The kids walk over to look at the screen. ]

>> Oh, cool!

[ Music ]

>> Action!

[ Music ] [ A girl actor on the video screen starts climbing up a tree branch that is near an electric power line.]

>> Or do they? Hey!

>> Yeah, you about to climb the tree near the power line. You need to get down right now!

>> Why? I climb trees all the time.

>> There’s a power line near your head. If you touch it or even get super close to it, you could be seriously hurt or killed.

[ The word “DANGER!” flashes over the power line on the video screen. The girl on the screen looks up, sees the line, and climbs carefully back down the branch. ]

>> Oh, that was close!

>> It’s cool to climb a tree that’s far away from power lines. Walk around the entire tree to check for power lines before climbing it.

[A boy actor on the video screen climbs a substation fence. ]

>> Whoa! We got one on the substation fence.

[ On the video screen, a sign on the substation fence says “DANGER HIGH VOLTAGE.” The universal NO sign flashes. ]

>> Oops! Don’t do it, kid! That’s an electrical substation. You go in there and you’re a goner. History. Fried chicken. Top sirloin. Toast, dude.

[ The boy on the video screen releases his grip on the fence and starts climbing down. ]

>> And I don’t think your mom would like that very much.

>> I love you, but you’re such a nerd sometimes. [ Chuckle ] [ A man actor on the video screen starts digging a hole. ]

>>See that digger over there? That guy’s mine. He’s going to plant a tree.

[ A logo appears: “811 Know what’s below. Call before you dig.” ]

>> Did you call 811 to get all the underground utilities located and marked?

>> I called 811. All the local utility companies marked their underground lines to show me the area where I can dig safely.

>> Good job!

>> Okay, obviously we missed a few things, so let’s flag them and fix them.

[ The kids walk back to the model of the town. They put red flags near several hazardous situations. ]

>> Okay. We got the kid climbing the tree near the power line; girl flying a kite near the power line; kid climbing into a substation; a guy about to dig a hole; there’s a lady with her ladder near the power line. Jordan, move her ten feet away to be safe.

[ Jordan lifts a figurine of a woman with a ladder and moves her away from the power lines in the model. A message appears: “Stay at least 10 feet away from all power lines! ] [ Music ]

>> So now we’ve learned…

>> to stay away from power lines; keep ladders and tools at least ten feet away;

>> no climbing trees or flying kites near a power line;

>> no climbing fences around electrical substations or any other utility equipment.

>> Oh, always call 811 before you dig.

>> It’s all about staying safe, you know.

[ Music ] [ Culver logo and “copyright 2009 Culver Media, LLC” appear, followed by credits.]