Home Electrical Safety Inspection

When it comes to electricity, how safe is your home?

Print this checklist and do this inspection to find out.

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True Needs fixing
1. Electric outlets are not overloaded with lots of plugs.
2. Electric cords are in good condition.
3. Electric cords do not run under rugs or furniture legs or near hot appliances.
4. Electric appliances are used away from water.
5. People carry appliances by the handle, not the cord.
6. A multipurpose fire extinguisher is kept on each floor of the house.
7. All danger and warning signs are read and carefully followed.
8. Electric appliances that can get hot—such as heaters, toasters, and light bulbs—are kept away from things that can burn.
9. Safety caps are inserted in outlets when small children are around.
10. Small appliances are turned off and/or unplugged when people leave home.
11. All extension cords, lights, and appliances used outdoors are labeled with a certification for outdoor use.